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An English Medium Day-com-Boarding School, (Nur. to X CBSE Curriculum )


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Facilities availables in School as below:


Books are the best friend of humans and hence we here at Sanskriti aim to instill and promote in our students a habit of reading. At the initial stage Sanskriti aims to provide our students with a library that contains an adequate number of books for them which are suitable for their age. Future Aspiration is to build up a huge library with grand number of books from every field to help the students read books of great authors and about every possible field in which their interest lies. This will help them develop and widen their horizons of thinking, learning and imagination.

Computer Lab :

The school provides well-equipped computer lab with 10 computer systems at the initial stage. Computer Education is compulsory forclass 1 to VI.

Future aspiration :

is to establish a very well-organized and systematized computer laboratory to give a quality education in the computer sector to our students and help them get familiar with the technological advancement that is taking place and which is expected to take place in this field.

Transport Facilities:

Bus Facilities would be made available to students to aid them in reaching the school conveniently. The transport facility would reach out to students to various places in the city, subject to the demand for the same from any particular place. The Transport Facility is not mandatory for the students. They could opt for any other means as per their and their parents’ convenience.


A-class Boarding facility for boys and girls is available in the school premises with adequate infra structural facilities and security measures available to make the student feel warm and homely in the hostel. School provides Nutritious and healthy vegetarian & non vegetarian food cooked in hygienic condition under the supervision of the mess-Incharge.

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