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An English Medium Day-com-Boarding School, (Nur. to X CBSE Curriculum )

Rules & Regulations

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Rules & Regulations


  • Children are not allowed to keep any money Us with them. They are not allowed to bring valuable articles such as Camera, Expensive Watches, Music System, Jewellry, Mobiles, Laptop, etc. with them. The school will not be 8. held responsible for the damage or loss of any such items.

  • Parents are not allowed to give cash directly to their children, as it might result in nuisance and promotes bad habits. If any student is 9, found to possess cash, the school will take severe disciplinary actions.

  • If any student is found to indulge in any wrong practice such as theft, ragging; teasing the (A) girls' students misbehaving with the teachers, using Tobacco, etc., the school will take severe disciplinary action, including possible © expulsion.

  • However, if the parents wish, they may 10. deposit Camera, Walkman or cash, etc., to the a. concerned person-in-charge under receipt. The student may take those articles while going out on Picnic/ Excursion or any other b. function. .

  • Students wearing spectacles are requested to 11. bring one extra spectacles at the time of joining the school and submit the same to the respective person-in-charge.

  • Parents visit to Campus: Parents and other authorized person are requested to identify themselves in the Parents; Identification registers with photographs so that they can visit their wards in the campus twice in a month or any Holidays. Such visit will be permitted on the Second and Fourth Sunday of a month between 10 A. M. to 5 P.M. Only such persons would be authorized by the School Management to visit their wards on holidays and any other occasion. .

  • Students' have to report on time on the day of re-opening of the school after vacations otherwise late arrival fine of Rs. 200 will be charged till 10 days of reopening.

  • Withdrawal : Withdrawal of students in mid-session is not allowed. However, in exceptional cases, if allowed, the Full Term Fee would be levied/charged.

  • School authorities may ask the parents without any prior Notice to withdraw their ward from the school on any of the following grounds.

  • Constant neglect in studies by the Student. Students are found medically unfit.

  • Students are found guilty of breaking the rules and regulations of the School

  • Fee Schedule: First term fees to be paid on or before 15" March every year before the commencement of the session i.e. from 6" April. Second term fees to be paid on or before 15" September every year.

  • Late Fee: A fine of Rs. 500/- will be levied in case of late receipt of Fees, if the fee still remains unpaid after 15 days of due date. The school reserves the right to remove the students name from the register for non-payment of Fees or Long absence.

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